A documentary on Channel 5, Rose: Making of a Monster, examined what turned Rose West into a twisted serial killer who was sentenced to life in prison after hearings at Dursley Magistrates Court and a trial at Winchester Crown Court.

The film examines West’s upbringing before she and her husband Fred murdered 10 young women in their Gloucester home between 1967 and 1987.

Her horrific crimes were first heard across seven days in a Dursley court before she was committed for trial at Bristol Crown Court – due to it being the area court – but she was locked up by a jury in Winchester.

In 90 minutes, Channel 5 tries to answer the question: was she born evil or were her actions the product of an abuse childhood.

They interview old neighbours, her lawyer Leo Goatley, people who escaped the West’s home in Cromwell Street, next to Gloucester Park, and prisoners who lived with her in jail.

The story of her journey to becoming a serial killer is one of rape, incest, abuse and violence.

Now 67, Rose West remains in jail at HMP New Hall in West Yorkshire - still protesting her innocence - while Fred West committed suicide in 1995 after he confessed to rape, murder and child abuse.

Rose: Making of a Monster can be watched on My5.