Friends of Stratford Park Lido are appealing for volunteers to help complete additional safety tasks required to reopen a post-lockdown pool.

Stroud District Council intends to open the lido in May, but this cannot be done without the help of volunteers to operate a meet and greet service, ensure social distancing, and clear the area between sessions.

Leisure centre operator Everyone Active will provide lifeguards, but the café will not be open, so volunteers and the SDC are exploring alternative refreshment options.

A Stroud District Council spokesperson said: ““Last July the Council stated its intention to operator Everyone Active to open the Lido as normal in May 2021.

"Work to reopen it is being led by them and owner SDC, while volunteers from the Friends of Stratford Park Lido are assisting some of the painting of the pool surround.

"They will also assist with extra duties needed due to the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions .

"We are working together with all parties to ensure the pool opens on time and everyone enjoys their outdoor swimming this year."

As pools reopened across the country on Monday, many operators have asked swimmers to arrive ‘beach ready’ in order to reduce Covid-19 transmission risks.

This means customers wore their swimming costumes underneath their clothing when they arrived and lockers were unavailable in some locations.

Pool capacities have also been reduced to ensure social distancing continues and people have been asked to shower at home.

These are changed that we could see at Stratford Park come the lido’s reopening in May.

To get involved in the season and help the pool to reopen, you can sign up to the Friends of Stratford Park Lido mailing list.