The Loch Ness monster, baked bean buns and a plywood lifeboat – these are just a few of the best April fools we’ve seen across Stroud this morning.

RSPCA Oak and Furrows claimed to have spotted the Loch Ness monster taking a dip at the wildlife centre this morning, while Hobbes House Bakery announced they are replacing the currants in their hot cross buns with baked beans.

Stroud News and Journal:

Severn Area Rescue Association commissioned a lifeboat that might need rescuing itself, and Waterloo House announced they are installing a rooftop garden complete with Wimbledon retractable-roof technology.

Stroud News and Journal: Severn Area Rescue Association's new lifeboatSevern Area Rescue Association's new lifeboat

Our favourite was Forest Green Football Club’s introduction of a breathalyser that can identify whether their players have eaten meat in the last 72 hours – following ‘Greggs Gate’ in 2016.

Stroud News and Journal: