This month's mobile speed camera locations have been revealed.

Throughout the pandemic Gloucestershire Highways' Camera Enforcement Team has been visiting certain priority sites to remind drivers about their behaviour and to enforce against those who have been driving at excessive speeds or committing other offences.

The expectation is that each of the following locations will be visited at least once per week during the month of April:

  • The Wheatway – Trucam
  • A40 Northern By Pass – Van
  • Minchinhampton Common – Van
  • Dudbridge Hill – Trucam
  • Little Witcombe - Van
  • Cheltenham Road, Bishop Cleeve – Handheld
  • The Gorse, Coleford – Handheld
  • A48 Chaxhill – Van
  • A417 Nettleton bottom – Van and Handheld
  • A44 Five Mile Drive – Van