We endorse the letter written by Charles Tongue and share his dream that the Stroud District will be the first town to walk away from using compost containing peat. We buy ONLY peat free compost and have done so for many years now.

Join this campaign!

It is appalling that Garden Centres are not rising to the challenge to help educate the gardening public and continue to offer compost containing peat. Seedlings WILL grow because they are programmed to grow and with the proliferation of exhortations to allow gardens to become more ‘wild’ to encourage pollinators and become wildlife corridors, there remains no valid reason to try and achieve the impossible dream of ‘the perfect garden’. Nature will always strive to beautify our gardens with a little co-operation from us.

Peat should be left in situ on the moors, etc, rather than spread around gardens where it breaks down and loses its carbon-capturing properties.

Please, please buy ONLY peat free compost and support this campaign.

Pam and Tony Perry