MUMS and babies in Stroud are being offered a mini concert on their doorstep next week.

A violinist and guitarist will be playing 15 minute performances for Stroud families next Wednesday (April 14).

The gigs have been devised by arts organisation Can’t Sit Still, with the aim of connecting, uplifting and celebrating new mums who have given birth during the pandemic.

They are available for mothers with babies of up to 13 months old, and the ticket price is based on what people can afford.

Catherine Boot of Can’t Sit Still said: “We wanted the whole thing to be uplifting and celebratory, and to feel like a big hug at a time when we can’t physically connect.

“Over the pandemic these mums haven’t been able to go out in the way you usually would with a new baby, or sometimes even let their extended families hold or see the baby.

"The doorstep gigs help these mothers feel acknowledged, that they are seen, and celebrate the incredible work they have been doing.”

To book a ticket and time slot - or give one as a gift - visit:

Prices are based on what people can afford, ranging from 0-£10.

The Invisible Thread doorstep gigs can take place on doorsteps, cul-de-sacs and outside blocks of flats, and families and neighbours are welcome to toe tap along.

Can’t Sit Still also runs mother and baby wellbeing groups to nurture women faced with the challenges and isolation of having a new baby during the pandemic.