Forest Green Rovers chairman Dale Vince has accused Boris Johnson of hypocrisy after the Prime Minister criticised plans for a European Super League.

Twelve of Europe's biggest football clubs want to establish a competition rivalling the UEFA Champions League which is comprised of 15 founding clubs who automatically qualify and five annual qualifiers.

In Stonehouse on Monday, Johnson said it was the “wrong way to go,” a stance Vince called ironic from a government that “don’t actually care about football.”

“The truth is they don’t actually care about football, this is about being on the popular side of an issue,” wrote the Ecotricity founder on Facebook.

“Let’s not forget that of all the sectors of society that had government support during the pandemic, football stands alone as having had none.

“Cricket, horse racing, rugby all had support. Pubs and restaurants of course, the arts, business of all shapes and sizes - but not football.”

He added: “It’s inconsistency at best, hypocrisy more like - from the government.”

In October, the National League received £10m from the National Lottery and the government made £11m available for Steps 1 and 2 in low-interest loans - or grants if their imminent future is at risk and they can demonstrate loans are unaffordable.

In January 2021, the Government made £10m available for clubs in National League Steps 3-6.

On a visit to Barratt Homes development in Stonehouse, Johnson said of the Super League: “It doesn’t sound right to me, it can’t be good for the clubs, football or the fans. It feels to me like it is the wrong way to go, so we are having a look at it.

Of the Premier League, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are involved in the proposal.

Dale Vince said he was on the fence about the league, criticising financial disparities in the existing football pyramid.

“I understand the concerns being raised about the impact on the game and on fans and how this is all about money.

“And at the same time I’m aware that the same stuff was said about the formation of the premier League 30 years ago.

“And Football at the top end is arguably already about money more than anything else."

He said there was an irony in the Premier League complaining about a breakaway group when that’s what they were 30 years ago.

“There is a need for reform of our domestic league structure to iron out some of the impacts of the Premier League breaking.”

“The parachute payments into the Championship, for example, distort that competition and embed financial advantage.

“Massive financial disparity exists across the four top divisions and the rest of the pyramid - and is bad for the sport a whole."

Boris Johnson will hold talks today with officials from football’s governing bodies including the FA and the Premier League to discuss the proposed European Super League.