SEVERAL disposable barbecues and a large quantity of tiles have been thrown into Stroud's waterways.

Pete Kinsella sent us these pictures of several disposable barbecues which were thrown into the canal by Stanton’s Bridge in Bowbridge, Stroud at the weekend.

The items appear to have been thrown off the bridge and have landed in the water on the opposite side to the towpath, making it impossible for litter-pickers to reach.

Efforts are underway to get the litter removed.

And on Friday, Joanna Rosser noticed that a large amount of tiles (also pictured here) had been dumped in the river at Capel's Mill by the viaducts, near to the Waitrose supermarket.

The dumped tiles constitute fly tipping, which is illegal.

Stroud District Council's environment committee chair Simon Pickering said: "Sadly we have to clear around 900 illegal fly tips every year, and where we are able to we will prosecute - fly tipping is illegal and should be reported to Stroud District Council.

“One of Stroud District Council’s key priorities is the environment. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful district but sadly a small minority break the law by dumping household waste, and litter.

“There is no excuse for this behaviour - household recycling centres including Pyke Quarry at Horsley are open by appointment only and taking bookings.”

More information on bookings is at

To report a flytip, visit