On May 6, voters will choose their preferred candidates for Stroud District Council, Gloucestershire County Council, the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and parish councils (if contested). We asked each party fielding multiple candidates to write why residents should vote for them. 

We love where we live.

From the beauty of the Cotswolds to the River Severn, through our market towns with their rich industrial heritage and cutting-edge industry, to our radical politics and rural communities, we’re a diverse district when it comes to politics and values, but one thing we share: we care for the places where we live.

This pride of place is reflected in a manifesto that outlines our ambitious plans to continue investing in our communities and the services that matter most at a time when other councils are cutting them.

Partnership lies at the heart of the manifesto. Shaped by listening to local people and businesses, it offers real ambition around the environment, jobs and housing, and a cast-iron promise to invest in our communities so everyone benefits and no-one’s left behind.

As much as it talks about what we’ll do, it talks about how we’ll do it. We pledge to reduce inequality, reduce carbon emissions and commit to the health and wellbeing of all in the district.

Under Labour leadership, despite the barriers the Conservative government has put in our way, we’ve ensured Stroud District Council has continued to invest, protect essential services and stand up for local people.

Much of what we have achieved has gone above and beyond what a council is required by law to do: in these Covid times we have prioritised keeping people and neighbourhoods safe.

Our candidates for Gloucestershire County Council have vowed to shake up the Conservative-run authority, using fresh voices to advocate for our communities, better services, action on climate change, justice and fairness plus transparent, open and competent delivery.

You can trust your local Labour and Cooperative candidates to keep their promises, and work for the benefit of everyone in the district. We have an incredible team of candidates from across the district and all walks of life, who are already doing so much to support their communities.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved leading Stroud District Council over the last nine years and ask you to trust us again so we can keep up the good work.

A vote for Labour on May 6 is a vote to make a positive difference, to make lives better, to ensure our communities are safe and decent places to live and to support our plan for recovery so no one is left behind.