Voters will decide the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire on Thursday, May 6. Below is a statement from the Liberal Democrat Party on why their candidate Chris Coleman should get your vote.

Local solicitor, Chris Coleman, is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner this coming Thursday.

Chris has the professional experience to make a great PCC for Gloucestershire, having worked in the local police stations and courts for the last 15 years.

Chris is also an experienced local Councillor, first being elected in 2004. Over these 17 years he has led a number of significant projects including delivering new play areas, building a new crematorium and overhauling the waste and recycling system in Cheltenham. Chris’s record shows he knows how to deliver for local people.

Chris said: “My work in the criminal justice system gives me a great insight into the challenges faced by our local police.

“Too often our justice system is letting down victims of crime. Too often reported crimes go unsolved. Too often people feel unsafe in their homes and communities. I want to change that – which is why I am standing in this election.

“The role of Police and Crime Commissioner shouldn’t be one that someone retires from the police into. Instead, it should be one which ensures the voice of local people gets heard. I will be genuinely independent of the Police and will work to get the best possible service for communities. That is what I’ve always tried to do as a Councillor.”

Chris has set out four key priorities as PCC:

  1. More police on our streets: time and again local people say that they don’t see enough police officers on our streets. Chris will change that.
  2. Fix the 101 service: it should be easy for people to report crimes to the police. Too often, people have to wait a long time before their calls to 101 are answered. People have lost confidence in the service meaning crimes may go unreported. Chris will fix the long wait times and improve the service for people.
  3. Mend our broken justice system: due to constant cuts to funding, there are significant delays in cases being dealt with. The impact on victims of crime and witnesses is unacceptable. Chris will fight for fairer funding for the Police and put victims first.
  4. New local Courts: Chris will campaign for a new justice centre which is fit for the 21st century to replace our crumbling local Crown and Magistrates Courts.


Please give Chris your First Choice vote on Thursday, May 6.