EXTINCTION Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook was arrested at her home in Stroud this morning.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police arrested Ms Bradbrook at her home in Stroud at around 5.30am this morning.

She has been arrested for conspiracy to cause criminal damage and fraud in relation to XR's Money Rebellion campaign.

The campaign is a call to "expose and disrupt the economic rules and institutions driving us toward societal collapse".

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that a 49-year-old woman had been arrested, but would not confirm that the woman was Gail Bradbrook.

She said: "A 49-year-old woman was arrested in Gloucestershire on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage and encouraging or assisting the commission of defrauding financial institutions.

"She was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service at approximately 5.30hrs on Tuesday 11 May in Stroud. She remains in custody in a Gloucestershire police station."

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Gail Bradbrook, who holds a doctorate in molecular biophysics, has said she believes that only large-scale civil disobedience can bring about government action on climate change.

She founded Extinction Rebellion in Stroud in 2018 along with her former partner Simon Bramwell, and activist Roger Hallam.

The group says the UK and other countries are acting too slowly to halt climate change. It also says the Western financial system is a key factor in damage to the planet.

In April 2019, Extinction Rebellion members gained international attention when they occupied five prominent sites in central London over several days.