With the school summer holidays fast approaching, many parents will be thinking of ways to keep their children entertained. Here, we look at three new book series which are perfect for imaginative kids who love reading.

Your child is the hero

Everyone knows the benefits of reading, but how do you encourage children to read? Make reading even more special with Personalised Stories!

Each and every book is personalised: with over 200 variations to ensure the character looks like your child, memorable picture and a loving dedication! Not just a book, but a lifelong keepsake.

Taking only 60 seconds to personalise, choose from their wide variety of books; from every day gifting occasions such as birthdays, new babies, For Mums and Dads, or the seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year etc.

Care and wellbeing books, have been written to help children deal with challenging circumstances, such as dealing with losing a loved one.

Book Flicks, is a new concept, referred to as “Netflix For Books”. A super personalised adventure, where the child is the star of their own series of books.

Choose from a fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly plan, select the character options, and choose from over 20 books that will excite your child, delivered direct to your door. It’s like reliving the moment when you used to wait for your monthly comic!

Books are suitable for parents who like to read to their children, right up to when children begin reading independently, from 0-8 years of age.

“Our mission is to get toddlers & early year children to love reading, just as JK Rowling got 10 year olds reading a 600+ page Harry Potter book!”

Personalised books have been proven to engage and excite a child more than a non-personalised book.

Launch Discount - 20% OFF. Use code Launch20. Free Postage & Packaging on orders over £45.


A globe-trotting pen pal for children

Banjo Robinson sends children personalised letters in the post – and they reply! It’s the perfect activity to spark a love of reading and writing in kids, ages 5+.

Magical cat Banjo Robinson helps to make reading and writing the highlight of every child’s week by sending letters (written by best selling children’s authors) and creative activities, from exciting places around the globe.

Banjo sends activity-filled letters, twice a month, that include a recipe card, stickers, colouring-in sheet, reply stationery and travel guide for that country. He also sends a world map poster with the first letter so children can track along with him on his travels! Parents can supercharge the magic of Banjo’s letters by logging-in and adding a special message to the end of every letter that Banjo sends to share love, and answer their child’s questions.

Subscriptions start from £9.99 per month, with easy sign up online.


Mischievous Frank: The kids book for cheeky children

‘Oh Frank’ books are for cheeky little children, just like Frank! To spread laughter and to teach little ones valuable lessons about life.

'Oh Frank!' - The holiday (13.99) Mischievous little Frank is about to go on his first family holiday to America. Gran warns him that he must behave on board the aeroplane, but despite being firmly told by his beloved Granny Frank cannot resist breaking the rules. It is a long journey and Frank has forgotten to pack his toys. Fidgety Frank very quickly gets bored and it doesn’t take long before a naughty idea pings into his head.

Buy the children’s hardcover story book printed to the highest of qualities with cut out colour sheets, crayons and teachings. Gift wrapped in bespoke branded packaging, makes for a beautiful keepsake or gift. For every book purchased there is a donation made and a tree is planted to support reforestation.