Ecotricity boss Dale Vince has backed an Animal Rebellion protest which lasted three days at a McDonald’s burger factory.

Activist have set up tents and gazebos, occupied the roof of OSI Food Solutions and strapped themselves to bamboo structures to urge the food chain to move to a meat and dairy-free menu by 2025 to protect the planet.

Four Demonstrators were arrested in a demonstration which Animal Rebellion say halted production.

Stroud News and Journal:

“Good work from Animal Rebellion,” posted Dale Vince, who owns ‘vegan football club’ Forest Green Rovers, on Facebook.

He said he wondered how many cows lives were taken to make what Animal Rebellion claims are three million burgers a day.

“Measuring in burgers sanitises the bloody nature of this industry,” said Mr Vince, adding that three million quarter-pound burgers would equate to “the slaughter of 3,500 cows every day.”

“At the Devil’s Kitchen, where we make plant based burgers and balls, we measure our output in cow equivalents (avoided deaths) per day. It seems more meaningful."

Stroud News and Journal:

The Devil’s Kitchen, based in Woodchester and owned by Mr Vince, provides of plant-based food to foodservice and retail.

“We’re expanding the facility over the next few months and that will take us to about ten times that figure - 70 cows a day, a decent sized herd - and significant I thought.

"But clearly we have a long way to go."

Animal Rebellion shut down four McDonald’s distribution centres to draw attention meat and dairy industries role in the climate and ecological emergency.