A Stroud artist is writing a series of children's books to raise money for treatment for her daughter.

Rachel Pegler's daughter Molly was born with hypopituitarism, a hormone deficiency, although this was not discovered until she was 14.

Rachel has started a series known as The Biscuits, in order to support her ongoing treatment.

"Lack of treatments in lockdown and the whole terrifying experience of worrying we may lose her if she caught Covid was overwhelming," said Rachel.

"I started sketching out the characters to keep my mind off of the fear that Covid bought us. I wrote a few stories and then spent about a year illustrating it.

"Molly couldn't leave the house for over 18 months so it was a good opportunity to finally get it done.

"The Biscuits have been in my head for many years. Duncan Biscuit was the first character probably thought up about 20 years ago."

In April Mr Richard Tea was published and Custard Queen should be out in time for Christmas.

"I'm amazed by the great reviews it has had and I really hope the Biscuits become a thing," said Rachel.

"All proceeds will go towards Molly's treatment and care. I'm hoping to get her to Harley street soon to have an adrenal pump fitted.

"Molly currently takes four tablets a day to keep her alive. She is having problems with side effects from them at the moment which makes her feel even more poorly so the adrenal pump will be of massive benefit to her.

"It will hopefully give her a more normal life. The pump with all related costs will be about £5000."

The books are for sale worldwide on Amazon, at the Five Valleys shopping centre in Stroud, Thistledown campsite farmshop in Nympsfield and at thebiscuitsofcrumbleton.co.uk