NAILSWORTH Climate Action Network is hosting an event about ‘retrofitting’ your house.

The Retrofit Fair is taking place at the Sub Rooms in Stroud tomorrow (Saturday) from 9.30am to 3pm.

Retrofitting can help reduce a building’s carbon footprint and save on fuel bills.

It is about improving the energy performance, comfort and value of existing buildings through old and new technologies, while reducing the carbon impact of heating your home.

For example - insulating against heat loss with double/triple glazing, loft insulation, draft exclusion or, if affordable, changing your gas/oil heating to a greener alternative, such as air source heat pumps or adding solar panels.

This free event is organised by Nailsworth Climate Action Network and will be attended by architects, retrofit experts and other climate action networks in the area including Wotton Area CAN.

The event also sees the launch of a new partnership - the Stroud Town Community Action Network - which has come together to share ideas, opportunities and projects to support the community in the drive to cut Stroud's carbon emissions.

Partnership organisations include Transition Stroud, Stroud Nature and Stroud Valleys Projects.

Members of the Stroud Town Community Action Network will be available to chat about the Walk Around Stroud (WAS) Way route, wildflowers for pollinators, nature recovery projects and tree planting in our community.

There will also be a selection of free seeds you can pick up to begin a nature recovery journey in your own garden as well as maps and leaflets about the WAS Way walk.

Group member Steve Roberts, from Stroud Nature, said: "As creators of the annual Stroud Festival of Nature, we seek to bring local organisations and people together to work collectively for our local environment, in particular the places where we live, work and play, including our own gardens."

The launch will also combine a new website which details some of the projects being delivered by member organisations, Stroud Valleys Projects, Stroud Nature, Stroud Town Council and Transition Stroud

Group member Fred Barker, from Transition Stroud, said: "It’s very timely to focus on what communities can do to help tackle climate change.

"The Retrofit Fair is a great opportunity to come and have a chat about what can be done. And the new website will provide a wealth of information about local projects and ways of getting involved.”

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