BROKEN glass has been found in a children's play area in Stroud.

Discovered yesterday morning, the glass appeared to have been deliberately sprinkled across the play equipment at Victory Park in Cainscross.

It has since been cleared but Cainscross Town Council has urged any parents taking their children to the park to double check play equipment.

Meanwhile, the local PCSO is increasing patrols in the area in the hope of deterring any repetition.

Posting images of the glass on social media, Cainscross Town Council said: "This is the scene that we found in our play area at Victory Park.

"To say the least we are shocked and stunned that anyone would deliberately place glass all over children's play equipment knowing the harm it could cause.

"We are aware there are a group of youth hanging out in Victory Park showing utter disrespect to members of the public.

"Could we please ask all parents to be mindful of where their teenagers are.

"We will be regularly checking our CCTV and liaising with the police to catch the culprits."