STUART Lawrence - the younger brother of Stephen Lawrence who, on 22 April 1993, aged 18, was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack - is to take part in 2021 Stroud Book Festival.

Stuart will be speaking about his new book, Silence is Not an Option: You Can Impact the World for Change on Thursday, November 4, at 7pm at the Lansdown Hall and Gallery.

Since the murder of his brother, Stuart and his family have been tireless in their campaigning for justice and race equity in the UK, including reforms to the criminal justice system.

A spokesperson for Stroud Against Racism, who helped to organise the event, said: "The overwhelming response from readers of Stuart’s book, Silence is Not an Option has been one of surprise at how positive and uplifting it is.

"Aimed at children of secondary school age, but equally inspiring for adults, it is a gem of a book, guaranteed to empower all who read it.

"The Stroud Book Festival event, suitable for anyone aged 12+, will provide a wonderful opportunity to experience Stuart’s optimism and strength first hand, and ask questions of the author himself.

"Stroud Against Racism is honoured to be involved in the upcoming Stroud Book Festival event, and are currently in negotiations with the council for a mural of Stephen Lawrence to be painted over the existing anti-racism mural in Bank Gardens."

Tickets from Stroud Sub Rooms or go to for more information.