MP Siobhan Baillie will run the Stroud half marathon this weekend to help raise funds for a new Rush skatepark after a primary school pupil asked her to take the issue up with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Siobhan was meeting pupils at Rosary Catholic Primary School in Beeches Green when she asked what Stroud subjects they would like her to talk to the PM about.

One boy raised the skatepark, and said he was sad it had closed.

“I continue to be struck by what a positive effect Rush Skatepark had on young people all over Stroud, the Valleys and Vale,” said Siobhan.

“Hearing the pupil mention it along with many letters and emails I have received at my Stroud office made up my mind that it was time I got my trainers on to show young people we have not given up hope of a new park.

"This is something I am constantly working on with the Friends of Rush Skatepark to achieve and there are opportunities for local landowners to be a hero to future Olympic skaters. I will do what I can to help.

“I do like to run but working seven days a week and being a mum to a toddler has limited training. I am determined to do it but it's probably going to be quite slow.”

Siobhan now has a Crowdfunder page at : so people can sponsor her in aid of Friends of Rush Skatepark.

Siobhan added she was really impressed with the Rosary Primary School and she was keen to hear how pupils who had recently moved from the now closed Severn View Primary Academy had settled in.

She thanked the headteacher Rosy Savory for inviting her and the staff and pupils for making her welcome.

Siobhan also made a list of what pupils said they wanted the Prime Minister to look into and it will be sent to 10 Downing Street soon.

Other things for Boris Johnson’s inbox are: animals to have special corridors to avoid them being killed on the roads, more basketball courts, a pokemon competition, more nature reserves, education about climate change and more cycle lanes.

“There was a broad range of things these thoughtful pupils thought the PM should be aware of and it’s important he knows what Stroud’s young people are concerned about. They will be posted to Downing Street,” Siobhan added.