Siobhan Bailee MP has backed plans which were recently announced about a fund which aims to 'bring back some fun and entertainment' in areas such as Stroud. 

The govermnent claims that the Build Back Better Market Towns Fund will ‘bring back some fun and entertainment for communities that have been unable to host any planned community events/activities during the pandemic.’

The government also claims that the fund will ‘help to remove the financial barriers that may be preventing a community event taking place, by providing some additional funding that could allow local events to take place.’

“I am incredibly pleased that the Build Back Better Market Towns Fund is giving more than £385,000 to help support events across Gloucestershire, with 16 of these events based in Stroud,” said Siobhan Baillie MP.

“This new funding will help to revitalise our market towns and will ensure that local residents will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of events, from the Weekly Market to Stroud Book Festival to the Community Fayre, all which bring community entertainment back to the local area.”

Applications for the second phase of the Build Back Better Market Towns Fund will be open later this year and if you wish to apply, all the information will be on the Gloucester government website.