THE Trader of the week this week is Armorel Willoughby - owner of the Armadeli business.

The delightful delicatessan is situated in the Five Valleys Market in the heart of Stroud.

Foodies will be familiar with the delicious products on sale - from Gorgonzola cheese to Ndjua - a spreadable, spicy sausage from Calabria in Southern Italy.

We caught up with Holly to find out what makes her business tick.

Running s successful business like Armadeli relies on providing the personal touch and offering advice and help whenever she can.

Demand is often driven by what the TV chefs are cooking - particularly Nigella Lawson.

It doesn’t matter how unusual your request for ingredients is, Holly will always try and provide something suitable.

What is your full name? Armorel Willoughby

What is the name of the business? Armadeli

Are you the owner? Yes

What is the ethos of the business? We are focused on providing quality, ethical products from small producers and traditional personal customer service and advice.

What is your best selling item / most used service? Gorgonzola Dolce - a beautiful soft spoonable creamy blue cheese from Italy.

Once tried never forgotten!

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked for in business? I’m often asked for really unusual ingredients when customers are trying out new recipes.

Often I can be asked for the same thing multiple times in a weekend and then I start to ask which cookery programme they have been watching?

Last Christmas it was Nigella Lawson and her episode where she taught everyone how to say Ndjua “like nd do ya want to eat?????!!!!”

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what ingredients to stock each week!!!

What is Stroud like as a town to operate in? Unique – the fact that there are so many entrepreneurial and independent businesses I believe creates a real feeling of community and provides a support network on a scale that you would not often find in a town.