TRADERS have given their reaction to the Levelling Up proposal, outlining how they would like the money spent if it were successful. 

The Levelling Up Fund could transform Stroud and Stroud District Council is putting a package of projects together. 

We asked traders where they would like to see the money spent. 

Juliet Farrington, manager of Moonflower, said: “It’s all down to free parking. A lot of customers have to leave in a rush as their tickets runs out. 

“We also need easy access points for people to be able to come into the shop quickly and it would be better if they could coordinate when they do the works so that Stroud isn’t gridlocked.”

Tony Davey, owner of Party On Up and chairman of Stroud Chamber of Trade, said: “We need to look at the gateways into town to make the experience of arriving by train/bus better and for travelling by vehicle or on foot.

“Stroud has consistently been runners up in various funds. This will help us step up a notch or two.”

Jamie Shaw, owner of Woodruffs Cafe said: "A town has to be a destination that people want to go to, not just a 'place near where I live that sells things I need' as was sufficient in the past"

"Improving the attractiveness of the town – it’s quite scrappy in appearance. More plants, mending roads and pavements, updating street furniture etc."  

"Help with business rates (which may affect more traders in the future) to reduce empty units. Not making parking more difficult, perhaps even funding free parking as in the case in West Oxfordshire’s vibrant towns.

"Also considering whether they can help make public transport more of an attractive proposition. Stroud has an ageing population. Perhaps there are ways to attract young families and post-university students back to the town."

Ian Mean, director of Business West for Gloucestershire, said: “Levelling Up for Stroud is absolutely vital to make the town more attractive for jobs and the local economy.

“It’s great to see the plans of the district and town councils coming together at last-they are long overdue.”