STROUD MP Siobhan Baillie has given her response to her abstention in Tuesday night’s ‘controversial’ social care bill.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended this 'incredibly generous' social care reform plan. 

But the Labour Party claim that this scheme is 'Robin Hood in reverse.'

“I had concerns about the amendment and I shared them with ministers and the Secretary of State before taking the decision to abstain last night," said Siobhan Baillie. 

“There is some merit in the policy approach of the amendment but I believe we need more information.

“That said, the Prime Minister’s desire to reform social care provision is to be commended after decades of inactivity from other administrations.

“The £86,000 cap is also a huge improvement for families faced with having to sell assets to fund care. These reforms mean people can stay in their own homes.

“The bill is still going through parliament and it will be subject to further amendment.

“Myself and colleagues want to see an impact assessment on the changes and more information about the impact on working age people.

“I also believe that looking at all the social care reforms that are planned together is important rather than one small section so I am pleased that the full social care proposals are coming shortly.

“I will read this carefully before the next vote.”