AFTER hearing from traders, we have received many comments from readers about where they think the potential £20 million cash boost for Stroud should be spent. 

These comments ranged from the comical to the serious, with everyone seeming to have an opinion on how the town centre should be improved.

Here are a pick of the bunch.


Transport seemed to be the number one issue for many.

Lois Francis wanted a 'a proper integrated public transport system.’

Amanda Reay asked for ‘Free parking like the rest of the towns in Stroud district.’

David R Joyce said: ‘Sort out Merrywalks traffic. The A46 north south traffic and the A419 east west traffic need to be controlled better. Make the Town pedestrian and cycle only.’

Paul Howell argued: ‘Give us free parking and a clean working toilet.’

Shops and food outlets

These were also two of the most talked about issues.

Hazel Redding said: ‘Bring back Poundland and I will return to Stroud.’

Dave Sykes asked for a ‘KFC and maybe a Matalan as I get all my clothes from there.’

Zoe Girvan wanted a ‘Primark & another pound shop for stocking fillers.’

Accessibility and Housing

Several commented on the lack of accessibility around the centre, whilst housing is still very much an issue.

Not-Lorrie Driver said: More disabled access, too many existing shops in the town centre have steps only.’

Ben Legg said: ‘Build some more council houses and actually make them available to the people who really need them!’

Rush Skatepark

Quite a few readers argued that the return of the Rush Skatepark is a must.

Dan Goddard said: ‘Sort rush skatepark after you got rid of the best thing to happen to Stroud in years.’

Lee Pitts, argued for ‘a world class indoor skate park that Olympics athletes can train at.’

The best of the rest

A few readers had their own, comical twist.

Matt Ince wrote: ‘Free ice cream for over 30s and everyone gets every other Friday off if there is a barbecue.’

Aaron Ridgway asked for ‘naked bowling’, whilst Angus Webb wanted Ski Lifts.

Kevin D Sands wrote: ‘A decent local news publication.’