A FORMER RAF Regiment Gunner has started teaching self-defence classes in Stroud after his experiences with physical abuse and bullying. 

“This is very special and close to my heart as strong women in my family have been physically abused,” said Steve Maclean.  

“I have also seen first-hand the negativity that bullying brings as I was on the receiving end of it as a young lad.

“I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves and the positivity it empowers in you is priceless.

“With all the attacks happening to women recently, people’s mental health and mental well-being being affected with lockdowns, I felt I had to do something.

Steve is a SAMI X instructor and has around 15 years’ experience as a teacher.

“As a result of everything happening to women, I can see there is help needed so I am looking at setting up a women’s only class too.

“I’m in week four of my teaching and the classes have seen an incredible change, positive outcomes and responses from the starters.”

"My fiancé Jess has really helped me take those first steps. Without her support it would be so much harder.

Steve teaches realistic scenario-based self-defence which is inspired from Krav Maga, Arnis/Kali, boxing and Muay Thai.

As well as serving in the military, Mr Maclean has also been recognised by Martial Arts Illustrated in their student hall of fame.

In a nutshell he coaches empty hand, improvised weapons, knife defence and stick techniques.

The self-defence classes are every Monday at Archway Sports Centre from 7pm to 8pm.

There is a 20 per cent discount for NHS, armed forces and emergency services.

You should bring a towel and water, and wear comfortable gym clothing and clean trainers.