Earlier today we tried chips at the new Valley Fryer in Stroud - they are a sensation! 

The outlet at the Five Valleys Centre in Merrywalks is located in the former bus station kiosk next to Vue Cinema.

You can read read our interview with owner Jordan Allen here. 

Tamash Lal of the Stroud News & Journal tried a cone of chips (£1.20), a fishcake (£1.60) and mushy peas (£1.60) for lunch and was astonished at the quality.

"I can honestly say the chips are among the best I have ever tasted either from a takeaway or a top restaurant," he said.

"They are cooked fresh which means it takes a while longer to get your food but it is definitely worth the wait as the quality is sensational, especially given the price.

"You would be hard pushed to find chips as good in a gastropub.

"The chips were perfection  - a decent, satisfying thickness, crispy on the outside but not overcooked and soft and moorish on the inside.

"There was no sign of any grease and not a trace of that unpleasant oily flavour which can so often mar a chip eating experience.

"The fish cake had a pleasant flavour and was not overcooked or dry and the mushy peas tasted homemade and had a lovely deep green colour.

"Everything was packed into a reusable Five Valley Fryer paper bag - no horrible plastic bags - and Jordan should be congratulated for not using wrapping which harms the environment. 

"In fact, the fish and chips are served in a nice cardboard box. 

"The pies sound delicious too and I am looking forward to trying one soon, although at present they are only available in the evenings. 

"Being a new venture, the shop is spotless and doesn't have that greasy spoon feel of some takeaways.

"I can thoroughly recommend a visit if you appreciate good quality chips!"