A HI-TECH cannabis operation was busted in Stonehouse in a raid by police today. 

The Stroud Neighbourhood Policing Team confirmed on Twitter that they had seized a hi-tech cannabis operation in Meadow Road, Stonehouse

Pictured is cannabis being grown in a type of hydroponic tent. 

A hydroponic tent allows  fresh produce being grown year-round by creating an appropriate environment for the produce. 

For example, it lets a person control the light, water, temperature, and humidity. 

Cannabis is a class B drug. 

As such, it is unlawful to possess, supply, produce, import or export this drug except under a Home Office licence.

This social media post was part of the police's week of action and the neighbourhood policing week. 

The neighbourhood policing week of action started on Monday. 

During this week police have celebrated the achievements of neighbourhood policing and provided opportunities and support for officers.

Stroud Police - as well as other officers throughout Gloucestershire - have taken to social media to tell the public more about some of their operations and how they are trying to keep communities safer.