SCAMMERS tried to target a woman in her 70s in Nailsworth yesterday, police revealed. 

Stroud Police posted on social media about the incident, saying: "Thankfully she had read about this type of phone call scams in the local paper.

"We will never call you to say there are issues with your bank card.

"Hang up the phone and do not pass over any details."

Alongside the tweet, Stroud Police gave five examples of courier fraud. 

1. Phone call out of the blue

2. Claims to be your bank or police

3. Advises of an issue with your card

4. Asks for your pin

5. Sends courier to collect your card

Last week, we reported that forceful tactics were being used to target vulnerable people in Nailsworth. 

In this case, police were made aware of individuals that have been driving around Nailsworth approaching members of the public in their homes offering tree and gardening services.