Dear editor, the past two years of daily challenges and grief seem to have brought out much kindness and generosity in a great many people.

Here’s a perfect example.

Many of us in the Stroud district have been adversely affected since last September by re-routed buses and severe cuts in timetables, as well as many delays and cancellations which can mean waiting for up to two hours at stops with no shelter or seating.

Last week I went shopping in Stroud, was heading to the re-located town centre stop for the 67 to Cashes Green when I saw the bus coming but I missed it.

Two thoughtful women in a car had seen me running and stopped.

I am in my 80s and the prospect of having to stand for an hour was dismaying.

But those lovely young women then most kindly drove me home.

My huge gratitude to them both.

Cherry Ann Knott