FASHION retailer Julian Dunkerton is selling his Minchinhampton pub to Young's as he focuses on turning around the fortunes of Superdry.

After much speculation about the sale, a spokesman for the Lucky Onion group has today confirmed that London-based brewery Young's will be operating The Crown from tomorrow (Tuesday).

The pub had been part of the Lucky Onion group, which is owned by Dunkerton and his wife Jade Holland Cooper.

After giving the pub a major revamp, they reopened it in 2019.

But the Lucky Onion group was hit hard by the pandemic, with staff numbers falling from 94 in 2020 to 66 in 2021.

Julian Dunkerton returned to the board of Superdry in 2019, since when he has focused more of his time and energy in turning around the fortunes of the plc he founded in 2003.