The National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is running from the 28th February until 6th March. Do you know how much training the average GP gets on eating disorders? Less than 2hours in their entire medical degree.

This awareness week BEAT is focusing on helping future GPs understand eating disorders right from the start of their careers, with their clear and comprehensive courses for medical students.Our GPs want to provide the best quality care for people with E.D but they need proper training to match the seriousness of these conditions which, through no fault of their own, many of them have not had.

Whilst the national BEAT charity helps get this training rolled out, its services are here for those who need support right now. The local Cirencester Eating Disorder support group meets in Coates village hall on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm.

This is a free service and no appointments are necessary.

On Friday 13th May the 'Stuart Singers' are performing for the charity concert in aid of BEAT which takes place at The Sundial Theatre at Cirencester College. The Choir was founded in 1992 and comprises up to 65 voices in four parts. They sing a wide repertoire spanning spirituals, theatre, sacred and secular, classical and modern. Do please support this by booking with the Sundial box office.

On Tuesday the 14th June volunteers from the local group will be at a stand in the Market Place Cirencester during the Health and Wellbeing Week. Look out for details about NHS and local health support which will be there on that day too.

Pat Ayres MBE facitiator/founder of the local group. contact in confidence 01285 770385