With the mass exodus of Ukrainian refugees from their mother country it is our duty to think of ways to help.

It grieves me to see so many empty local authority properties in Cam and Dursley for months on end. As a former member of SDC Housing Committee I am fully aware of the tremendous pressures on such committees.

However it is to be hoped this country will open up its borders to these refugees.

I was four years old when World War II broke out. Our doors were opened to hundreds of displaced persons from Europe after the war many of these people made their lives in this country and enriched all our lives with their many talents and gratitude.

At the same time we opened our homes to evacuees from many of our cities in this country. In addition we had many American soldiers posted in Dursley and the surrounding countryside.

My own parents along with many others opened our home to female American nurses before they embarked to help on the beaches of Normandy such as Omaha.

My lets sister had the pleasure of watching and listening to the late Glen Miller at the then Dursley Grammar now Rednock School.

It was one of his last concerts he played before he was tragically lost over the Channel after leaving RAF Whelford.

Let us open our country again to people in danger as we did in the 1940's.

P.A. Cox M.B.E.