A 'living wall' of greenery unveiled in Stroud in 2020 has died off.

The 11-metre high structure was installed to help bring a bit of plant life to the Five Valleys Shopping Centre.

The wall can be seen from the A46 Merrywalks Road and it was planted with a selection of different textured green and red plants.

Fitted with an irrigation system, the plants were intended to thrive and add extra greenery to Stroud town centre.

But after sustaining damaged one of the water pipes failed and the wall, once lush and green, is now brown and almost completely lifeless.

However, the Five Valleys team say that they are saddened by the wall's decline, and that it will replanted and brought back to life.

A spokeswoman said: "“The living wall sculpture is a key part of our shopping centre here at Five Valleys, and we are saddened to see it’s decline over the past season.

"The Five Valleys living wall has failed as a result of a serious incident on the Five Valleys multi-story car park, which caused the walls water pipe to become badly damaged.

"A conscious decision has been made to halt repairs on the wall, due to building matter and debris from construction of the nearby Five Valleys Medical Centre.

"Replanting will commence in spring 2023 after completion of the building work.”