A CAFE in the Stroud High Street has applied for an alcohol licence. 

This application has been sent to Stroud District Council

Woodruffs cafe has made a proposal for a licence to be able to sell alcohol in its shop in the Stroud High Street. 

In the application Woodruffs owner Jamie Shaw said that the 'alcohol provided is likely to be restricted to wine, beer, cider, gin+tonic'.

They went on to say that they envisage the consumption of alcohol to be more of an incidental affair to supplement food, rather than being a customer’s primary motivation to visit.  

Alcohol will not be sold or consumed after 7pm, apart from for evening town events such as Christmas Markets where sale and consumption of alcohol may continue outdoors up until 10pm (9pm on a Sunday), according to the application. 

To reduce outside noise, alcohol will only be served outdoors during daylight hours unless there is another event in town such as the Christmas market “Goodwill Evening". 

Woodruffs say that staff will be trained in the licensing objectives and it will form part of their induction programme. 

They will also request approved photographic identification to control underage drinking.

Alcohol will not be on show.

Representations can be made in writing to the Licensing Section until Monday, May 2.

The full licence application can be found on the Stroud District Council website.