POLICE were on foot patrols after an increase of reports of anti-social behaviour. 

The patrols took place on Saturday afternoon, after police heard reports of an increase of anti-social behaviour at Frith Wood. 

Frith Wood Nature Reserve is an ancient beech wood just outside of Bussage. 

There are a number of footpaths that go through the reserve.

What is anti-social behaviour? 

Information accoding to the UK government. 

Anti-social behaviour includes a range of nuisance and criminal behaviours which are causing distress to others. Whether someone’s actions can be classed as anti-social behaviour relies heavily on the impact it has on other people.

Behaviour that is more frequent or persistent is more likely to be considered as anti-social behaviour. The type and intensity of the behaviour also matters.

Landlords, the police, and local authorities consider all these factors when deciding how best to deal with reports of anti-social behaviour. Each report is looked at individually by considering the suffering of the victims and the impact on the wider community.

Landlords will have policies for dealing with domestic abuse, for which there are separate legal protections, and which is not regarded as ASB.

Examples of anti-social behaviour can include:

noisy and/or abusive behaviour




public drunkenness


fly tipping

illegal drug use

excessively barking dogs