TRADERS who recently opened in the town centre say they are optimistic about Stroud thriving as a retail hub.

"So far the response has been great," says Heather Coleman, who recently opened a jewellery shop in Gloucester Street. 

"Even if they're not buying, people have been popping their head round the door to say good luck and to say how much they love the window display.

"It can be a bit quiet down this end of town but that's fine because if it was too busy, I wouldn't have time to actually make the jewellery.

"What has been a surprise though is the interest in my repairs service."

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Jay Naidu from Gateway to India which recently opened near the train station is equally optimistic about the future. 

"Since we opened we have had lots of positive feedback and lots of excitement amongst all ages," he said.

"It's great to see many diverse businesses opening in Stroud. 

"It gives the town a fresh, rejuvenating vibe. 

"Change is great for everyone."

An estate agents Leaders has been in Stroud since 2014 however the branch will relocate from Lansdown into the town centre. 

"We are hoping to open first week in June," says David Skeats, senior branch manager,

"We will be having an open day with some games and freebies outside the office on Saturday morning. 

"The company have invested a lot of money in the unit and the future of the business in Stroud and see it as a fantastic place to operate in."