DEVON’S rising bowls star Harry Goodwin is hellbent on transforming the public’s perception of his sport.

A self-employed plasterer by day, 24-year-old Goodwin is able to use the flexible nature of his job to play, train and compete whenever he wants.

Yet whenever he is working, the Torquay star usually gets the same reaction whenever he mentions how much he loves life on the green.

Speaking ahead of Bowls’ Big Weekend on May 27-29, Goodwin said: “If you don’t play bowls, from the outside a lot of people just think it’s old people. That’s the stereotype it gets.

“Even when I work, that’s what people think, that it’s for old people. You just try and say that it’s not just for old people - that’s not the case.

“Since I started I think there’s been quite a lot of young people in and it’ll be nice if we can keep getting more and more people in. 

“That’s the only way it’s going to get better, with more and more youngsters and more competition.”

Goodwin could point to his own success when encouraging younger people to get involved.
He has represented England at a number of age-level events and was named England Male Rising Star for 2021. 

Having achieved huge success at junior level, he is relishing a move up to more senior events - with this summer’s European Championships in Ayr a key milestone.

Goodwin said: “I’ve done really well in the junior comps in the last few years but up to senior level, there is a big step. 

“When you get to the national finals to get over the line is so difficult. The players just have that bit more.

“I just love competing against good players as I think the better players I’m playing against, hopefully it’ll make me a better player as well. I’m hoping to try and get better and better in the senior competitions and hopefully try and get some national wins soon.

“The outdoor season has literally just started so at the moment I’m just putting quite a lot of time in practicing and trying to get the feel of the green.

“I really didn’t expect that to go to the Europeans. I can’t wait to play against lots of different countries and put myself in that position at that level. 

“If I am able to actually get some medals it would be really good for my confidence and my game, but it’s all new for me.

“I’m just really looking forward to it and trying to do the best with the team.”

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