SPECIALIST bakers are a part of the furniture at the farmers’ market every week.

Rather than lots of bakers all selling the same things we are lucky to have a variety of products from different bakers.

Pippin Doughnuts, The Welsh Cake Lady, Tuga Pastries (Portuguese egg tarts), Jack Bakes free from are an example of the variety we have.

We are delighted therefore to welcome a special guest stall that will only be at the market for the month of August. Glenda Italian Recipes will be bringing just one product to market - but it is an exciting one!

Glenda, who hails from Bourton on the Water, has a little business baking Italian specialities, and will be bringing Cannoli Siciliani with her every Saturday this month only.

The cannoli is a classic Italian pastry, comprising of a hollow tube made with a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, lemon peel, marsala and vinegar and deep fried. The ends of cannoli are then dipped in white chocolate and dipped in chopped pistachios.

Glenda will then fill the tube with a filling of your choice to include ricotta / chocolate chips / pistachios and candied fruit, chocolate cream, pistachio cream or black cherry cream. Apparently in Sicily it is always cannoli time, any time fits well - breakfast, snack, desserts, with coffee.

In other news Stroud Brewery are back to having a stall every week and will be in Union Street this week by the falafel stall, with Uley Brewery in the square.

Days Cottage also return after holidays.