A STROUD charity is proposing the construction of a new bridge that will make it easier for residents to walk or cycle from the town to Rodborough, Bowbridge, Brimscombe and Chalford. 

As part of Stroud Town Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan Review, Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) is in early discussions with stakeholders such as Stroud Town Council and Cotswold Canals Connected about a footbridge that will cross the canal near Dr Newton’s Way in the town centre.

“At present, the route can be quite confusing,” explains Clare Mahdiyone, CEO of SVP.

Stroud News and Journal:

"“Coming along the towpath from town, people go under the road at Dr Newton’s Way, then they double back on themselves and have to walk alongside the busy road to get back to the towpath opposite Waitrose.

“People have told us that the route feels complicated, and also, that walking alongside the road is neither safe nor pleasant.

“We have created an initial proposal for a bridge, and we’d really like to find out how people feel about it.”

You can see the plans for the canal bridge along with other aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan, including parking, at Five Valleys Shopping Centre until Saturday 25 March, or find it online at News | Stroud Town Council.