As the Stroud M.P. seemed to have run out of space to list all of the above I thought I met help her out :-

In no particular order, the longest waiting lists in the N.H.S in it's history, the highest number of staff vacancies in N.H.S. history, £130 million of public money given to Rwanda for something or other, added to the £30billion of public money flushed down the toilet by a colleague of hers, added to the tens of billions of pounds already wasted on a railway line, a big chunk of an already slashed foreign aid budget used to put asylum seekers in hotels instead of processing their claims, closed legal routes to the U.K. so they can call desperate human beings "illegal", introduced a voter I.D. system that was totally unnecessary and which one of it's supporters, Rees Mogg, has now admitted. Allowed the water companies that they privatised, to treat our rivers and shoreline as a sewer. Overseen thousands of pigs being culled because there were shortages of abattoir staff and crops left rotting in the fields because stopping freedom of movement of the workers we needed was "taking back control". At the same time as we are told to reduce our carbon footprint we are expected to celebrate the joining of the CPTPP, which, if we ever find anything that other members want from this country, will involve shipping to the other side of the planet instead of 25 miles across the Channel. What an amazing achievement! Paper is limited to continue the list, but there are many other such "achievements" which I think should be rewarded and ideally, with a term of imprisonment, but of course, due to cuts in the prison service budget there wouldn't be enough staff to control them and those who put them in office. Perhaps, instead, they could all go to an asylum in Rwanda!

Howard Price.