ONE of Dursley’s most staple shops is due to celebrate a quarter of a century of helping people enjoy music.

Intersound Guitars has been a fixture in Dursley high street for 25 years, having first opened its doors in November 1998.

The business was launched by Steve Smith with his wife Judith. 

It was named Intersound after its internet café, which was the town's first at the time.

The shop is now run by Denver Thirlwell and Danny Thistlethwaite after Steve recently retired. 

It continues to stock everything from starter guitars to hand made gems, and also provides an on-premises service and repair facility.

Former owner and founder Steve has expressed his gratitude to customers and the wider community who have supported the business over the years. 

In a heartfelt statement he said: “My first reaction is one of immense pride, but then another emotion emerges, one of great satisfaction of being able to provide a service to the people of Dursley and beyond. 

“The shop has enabled both myself and my wife Judith to enrich our lives, becoming friends with many of our customers over the years and of course those colleagues past and present who have worked for us.

Stroud News and Journal: Founder Steve Smith with part-owner Danny Thistlethwaite and managing director Denver Thirlwell Founder Steve Smith with part-owner Danny Thistlethwaite and managing director Denver Thirlwell (Image: Intersound Guitars)

“Judith was not only there every step of the way but the inspiration behind it too, she was the one who named the shop Intersound Music in the beginning.

“The shop has seen many transformations over 25 years. 

“When we opened there was an internet café facility in the shop, (hence the name Inter(net) Sound) the very first in Dursley at the time. 

“As technology advanced and home computers became the norm this facility was replaced with a wider range of musical stock of all types; guitars, drums, keyboards, amplifiers and effects pedals and back then music books, CD’s, cassette tapes, and some vinyl records.

“I did, however, always have in mind this would become a guitar specialist shop and over many years the stock reflected this business plan. 

“My background was in electronic engineering so I was able to offer guitar and amplifier servicing and repairs, something I set out in my original company plan overview when it was just a twinkling of an idea back in early 1998.

“The shop now has a very well equipped repair workshop with experienced engineers in Denver and Danny at the helm.

Stroud News and Journal: Managing director Denver Thirlwell of Intersound Guitars Managing director Denver Thirlwell of Intersound Guitars (Image: Intersound Guitars)

“I truly believe the shop's continued success is due to the staff who work there and the customer care ethos that has always been in the forefront of the way that business is conducted, coupled with the supply of good quality instruments at reasonable prices. 

“I have recently retired from the business but still have an active support role and supply staff cover for holidays and illness.”

To celebrate 25 years a guitar show is taking place on November 17 at Eastwood Park. 

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Steve added: “Finally I do have to mention a few people who have been instrumental in helping this little music business thrive in Dursley, they are past staff members, music teachers and good friends of the shop.

“My wife Jude and my two children Rob and Zoe for their many years of unswerving support. 

“Former staff members Geoff Davies, Dave Pearce, Colin Dymond and Joss Gilmartin, guitar teachers Stuart Hall, Nik Ferris, Chris Finch and Michael Paul, supporters Geoff Crick, Rich Olpin and Jamie Neave and current staff Denver Thirlwell, Danny Thistlethwaite and Rick.”

Stroud News and Journal: Inside Intersound GuitarsInside Intersound Guitars (Image: Intersound Guitars)