MP David Drew has claimed British National Party supporters beat up a teenager in Painswick after he threw a pint of Guinness over party leader Nick Griffin.

The alleged incident took place outside the Falcon Inn, Painswick on Saturday, July 11 and was reported in the SNJ.

Mr Griffin had been dining at the pub when he had an altercation with a teenager who had approached him.

Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP, said the teenager was asked to leave the pub by the landlord.

"As we were leaving he had been lying in wait for us and threw a pint of Guinness over Mr Griffin,” he said.

"He was restrained by our security because he had a glass in his hand and you can't go throwing beer over MPs."

Mr Drew spoke out about the alleged attack during a Commons debate ahead of the summer recess on Tuesday night.

He said the “totally upstanding” man was given “one hell of a hiding" after the incident.

He said he did not want the BNP "anywhere near" his constituency.

“I don’t know why he was wined and dined in my constituency in Painswick but he was,” he said.

“It just so happens that one of my constituents took offence at this and happened to spill some beer over Mr Griffin.

“I happen to know the young man, and he is totally upstanding – he’s an outstanding individual. He is the sort of person I’ve been proud to be associated with.

“As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding.”

Mr Drew added: “I am not prepared to accept that any politician has a private army. I am not prepared to have the BNP anywhere near my constituency - in previous times we have chased these individuals around.

“But I hope that we will take action and will look at the actions of the BNP. I don’t know whether a court case is proceeding because I think the young man is too shocked, but that’s just indicative of what the BNP is like.”

Tory MP for Ribble Valley Nigel Evans said he was "very disturbed" to hear about the story and said: "What a dreadful waste of beer."

He said: "If people were beaten up every time beer was spilled over them, then there would hardly be any room in the accident and emergency of any hospital of this country."

But Mr Darby said Mr Drew was "trying to distort and warp the situation".

Referring to the beer thrown over Mr Griffin, he said: "This was an assault and we have yet to decide whether to report it to the police."