A FRIDAY night youth club in Bussage has temporarily closed after workers were harangued by drunken youths.

Frith Youth Centre has shut Friday Night Senior Youth Club declaring it will "not tolerate behaviour" of the kind experienced when around 30 youngsters, including some members, gathered in the park and outside the club on Friday, October 1. In a letter to parents and senior centre members Beth Jenkins, of the youth centre management committee, said:

"A significant number have been drinking and causing damage to property. "We have been told that drugs are being sold and taken, but cannot confirm this."

Ms Jenkins said a growing number of youngsters have been meeting in the park on Friday nights.

On the night in question "many had been drinking and several were too drunk to stand", she said.

She described how youth workers saw to the "inevitable injuries" of some youngsters, despite their having nothing to do with the club.

But after being "subjected to abuse and challenging behaviour from a number of drunken individuals who were intent on gaining entry" the doors were locked and the police alerted.

"The youth workers have decided to close for a few weeks in the hope that the youngsters involved will understand that the local community will not tolerate behaviour of this kind," she said.

The centre has threatened to name any future culprits and ultimately close on Fridays if the problem persists.

Cllr Sue Newson, centre management committee secretary, read the letter to shocked fellow council members at their meeting on Monday but pointed out it was the actions of a small minority that spoiled things for generally well behaved parish youth. The club will reopen on Friday, October 29, 7pm to 9pm, with a Halloween party.