A WAR of words has erupted between the mayor of Nailsworth and a town developer.

Cllr Lesley Williams-Allen accused Royle Properties Ltd of breaking a promise to return figures created by Nailsworth Primary school children to brighten up drab hordings shielding the now completed development of the former Cross Inn site in Market Street.

"We were promised we would be told when they were coming down. It's very disappointing," said Mrs Williams-Allen.

But Royle Properties' developer Oisin Hawes said: "No-one ever requested them back at the end of the job however we've still got all the hordings and figures. "They are more than welcome to come and take them."

The mayor is also aggrieved the developer sold original Cross stone to the Ram at Woodchester.

"We are disappointed that the original stone materials are now forming part of the extension to the Ram. What seemed uppermost in their mind when they pulled it down was selling the original stone. The town council would have preferred to have seen reuse of the materials on site.

She said the development looked "fine" but said she regretted Mr Hawes "has not been more community minded."

Mr Hawes said: "We demolished The Cross which was only partially a stone-building. We were not under obligation to retain it all as stone. The whole of the new development is in natural stone.

"I think the town council should be encouraging local business and encouraging people who are willing to invest in the town especially when we did such a sympathetic job."

The development at the former Cross Inn site, now reverting to its original name of The Old Crown, includes 14 residential units, a shop being leased to Paper Impact and an Italian restaurant set to open in November.