A RETIRED teacher would like to see one of Stroud's historic heroes taken off his pedestal - and put on a better one.

Brian Seaton has for years argued that the statue of 19th century reformer George Holloway be found a more suitable home as it is lost where it is on the corner of Rowcroft. "It's a lovely Victorian statue of a son of Stroud," he told the SNJ.

"He was a figure who was important in Stroud in the late 19th century and he doesn't deserve to be hidden away on that corner where nobody can see him. "I believe it would embelish the town if he was moved to a more prominenet position.

"People driving past at the moment are concentrating on where they are going and with the statue up above them can't very well have a good look at it.

"Even it were just moved across the road and put outside the bank it would be a huge improvement.

"The classic facade of the bank would provide an excellent backdrop and people driving down Russell Street would be able to get a good look, as would pedestrians walking past."

Other places suggested by Mr Seaton included somewhere along Merrywalks or outside the station to replace the planter in the centre of the mini-roundabout. "It's good to see that somebody's made the effort to put something there but that tub is pretty much and eyesore," he said.

The former teacher believes we could learn a thing or two from our continental cousins.

"I've seen what they do in France and even in towns smaller than Stroud they take a lot of pride in their statues.

"Obviously a move would need permission from the owners of the statue and whoever owned the land he was to be moved onto, but Holloway deserves better."

Jonathan Bennett, marketing manger for owners of the statue Holloway Friendly, said the idea of moving the monument had been raised a number of times in the past but now it has been cleaned a relocation was unnecessary.

"It's already at one of the gateways into town and looks very nice in its full glory of white Italian marble we can't see any need to move it," he said. "It looks fantastic when the sun shines and really stands out."