A £20,000 arts award is up for grabs from Stroud District Council.

The award, supported by the Stroud Arts Forum, is to commission a new, original piece of work to be permanently housed in the Subscription Rooms in the centre of town.

The award is open to all artists who live and work predominantly in the Stroud district and will be given to one artist who provides an inspiring idea for an artwork to enhance a public area in the Subscription Rooms.

There is no stipulation placed on the theme, content or format of the artwork, other than that it 'respond to the designated site'.

The council says it has initiated the award in order to recognise and celebrate the remarkable number of artists who work and reside in the Stroud district.

"This significant investment in the arts is just one method of recognising the contribution of arts and artists," said Stroud district councillor Dorcas Binns who proposed the award.

"I hope that all artists, especially those newly established, submit their work for this award."

The judging panel will comprise Cllr Binns, Amar Dave, head of cultural services at SDC and representatives from the Stroud Arts Forum, the Arts Council, the media, including the SNJ and the arts community.

During the selection process the public will be allowed to have its say on which work will be approved.

Once a shortlist of artists has been determined, they will be invited to showcase a number of pieces from their work-to-date in the Subscription Rooms, alongside their proposal.

These displays will be open to all members of the community, who will be invited to vote for their favourite artist.

This vote will be one method used to finally select the winner.

Viewing will take place at the Subscription Rooms between November 18 and 20 this year.

The closing date for submissions is October 14,2005. The winner will be announced December 1, 2005 and the council expects the final commissioned piece to be unveiled on March 31, 2006.

For an information pack contact Mrs Anne Boakes on 01453 754 334.