STROUD went back to blue today, Friday as Conservative Neil Carmichael was declared the town's new MP.

After 13 years with Labour MP David Drew representing Stroud at Westminster Mr Carmichael was victorious by 1,299 votes.

There were cheers for Mr Carmichael, who moved to Stroud in 1999 and was defeated twice by Mr Drew before this win.

"The journey started many years ago and I have finally made it," said Mr Carmichael, in his victory speech after the result was announced at 4.15am at Stratford Park Leisure Centre.

"It is really important we look forward to the future for this constituency and this country.

"I will represent my constituents fully, properly and responsibly."

Mr Carmichael turned around a tight 350 vote loss in 2005.

There was no need for a recount on Friday morning.

For Mr Drew the defeat marked the end of 13 years representing Stroud as a backbench MP, after he ended decades of Tory rule in the constituency in 1997.

"I said when we fought this election we would fight for every vote and we did - we increased our notional vote," he said..

"I have sweated blood and tears and more sweat. I will continue to do that. I will not let this constituency down."

Lib Dem Dennis Andrewartha slightly increased the party's vote with 8,955, compared to 8,026 in 2005.

“I cannot hide my disappointment - I would have like to have got more votes,” he said.

"We have lost a good MP - we need to know something in the next 12 months - whether we have got a David Drew or a Roger Knapman.

"That is important to the people of Stroud."

The Green vote declined by almost half with Martin Whiteside receiving 1,542 compared with 3,056 in the 2005 election.

"David Drew has been an outstanding MP," he said.

"Stroud has been very lucky.”

He said Mr Drew missed a chance at victory by not standing as an independent, which drew a chorus of boos from Labour supporters.

UKIP's Steve Parker upped his party's vote by just over 200 votes at 1,301.

"Hopefully we have another David Drew with us," he said.

Indpendent Alan Lomas recorded 116 votes.

Stroud: THE FIGURES Neil Carmichael (Con) 23,679 (40.84 per cent) David Drew (Lab Co-op) 22,380 (38.6 per cent) Dennis Andrewartha (LD) 8,955 (15.45 per cent) Martin Whiteside (Green) 1,542 (2.66 per cent) Steve Parker (UKIP) 1,301 (2.24 per cent) Alan Lomas (Ind) 116 (0.2 per cent) Con majority: 1,299 (2.24 per cent) Notional 2.05 per cent swing Labour to Conservative 5.20 per cent boundary change Electorate 78,305 Turnout 58,087 (74.03 per cent)