THERE are some unforeseen hazards to having a wife who works at Centre, Stroud's Christian Bookshop. One was when she brought home a red table cloth from an obsolete display and added it to our own washing. It ran, causing variations of red to tinge all our clothes. I could cope with an odd sock, that got into the wash by itself, ending up a beige colour while its companion, the one that got left out, remained a yellow brown. I'm told by my kids, that odd coloured socks are quite fashionable at present. However, I refuse to wear pink underpants instead of – well never mind. The problem is that, even if people don't know what is hidden from view, I know. This principle applies from what's hidden from view in our minds, memories that we regret. Even if people don't know, we do and we feel guilty. No matter what we try, we can't change the past. There again, I thought the change to our clothes was irreversible. No end of human effort could remove the stain but, one day, Yvonne came across an additive that claimed to work. She tried it and it did! My underwear is no longer pink! It's – well never mind. If only there was something that could remove the stain of guilt. Actually there is. When Jesus died, he miraculously took away the consequences of our mistakes, wrong thoughts, words and actions. Through you sins be as scarlet, says the Bible, I will make them white as snow. I'm glad not to have embarrassing coloured clothes any more. I'm even gladder to be fee of guilt.