CONCERNS have been raised about noisy generators and litter after travellers moved into a public car park in Cainscross.

Residents in a neighbouring estate, which overlooks the site, woke up on Wednesday morning to find a handful of caravans and vans occupying the recycling depot at the far end of the car park.

Stroud District Council, which owns the land and allows two contractors to use the depot for storage, is investigating whether the site was left insecure and by whom.

Complaints about noise, vandalism, theft and abusive behaviour were received the last time travellers moved onto the site in May 2005.

The group, which included some 30 adults and 50 children, were eventually evicted over a year later after moving into Stratford Park.

Fewer concerns have been raised over the current, smaller gathering of travellers but residents did report being disturbed by noisy generators and rubbish thrown over the car park fence into a children's play area.

The Rev Bryan East, a retired vicar from Lincolnshire, whose home directly overlooks the travellers, said he had been woken up in the early hours of the morning on two occasions in the past week by rumbling generators.

"It really is a noise nuisance, which is a shame for everyone living here," he said.

"They are travelling people, that is their chosen way of life but unfortunately they are known for leaving a mess behind wherever they go and that worries me."

His neighbour Tim Lodge also said he had been disturbed by the travellers' generators and added: "The sooner they find alternative accommodation the better."

A spokesman for SDC said officers went to the site on Friday to speak with the travellers, who told them they were visiting relatives and would be gone within 24 hours.

With that not being the case, the council has since taken action to obtain a possession notice - ordering the travellers to vacate - and a hearing has been listed to determine this at Gloucestershire County Court on Friday, October 12.

If successful, SDC added it could execute a forced evacuation of the site by the middle of next week.