STAFF at Stroud Brewery are buzzing with excitement about their new honey beer.

The drink was made in collaboration with the Stroud Beekeepers’ Association, with members donating their own honey to be used in the recipe.

Named ‘Melissa’ this limited bottling of honeyed beer is fairly strong with an ABV of six per cent.

Greg Pilley from Stroud Brewery explained that the name is Greek for “honey bee”.

“It was also the name of one of the nymphs that nursed Zeus as a baby, but rather than feeding him milk, she fed him honey.

“This honey beer will be our own nectar for the gods.”

The idea was inspired by the Brewery’s Hop Club, who use their own green hop flowers in the Brewery’s annual Brewers Garden.

“We approached the Stroud Beekeepers’ Association who responded enthusiastically and members pledged varying quantities of their honey harvest to contribute to the brew,” said Greg.

“Over 100lbs of honey was added to the beer while it was brewed together with a bucket of fresh organic lemon grass.”

The beer will now be bottled and left to condition.

The brew is expected to be ready in time for Easter.