MUM’S home cooking has turned into the basis for a successful business for an entrepreneur from France Lynch.

Lynne Williams, 55, found she had time on her hands after leaving her retail job in Cheltenham. So when she noticed her daughter Sophie Beard, who had just started a full-time job, was struggling to make lunch to take to work, Lynn stepped in.

She said: “I began to provide Sophie with homemade soup, bread and cake, and on the first day a colleague was curious where she had got her lunch. When she explained, his response was: ‘Well next time can you see if there would be enough for me?’ I sent lunch in for him as well, and it didn’t take long before the whole office had asked to be supplied with my soup and cake lunch.”

In November last year, Lynne launched her new business, Nature’s Kitchen. She said: “I believe in the importance of what we eat. Access to fresh home-made food can be difficult for working people, and it takes real effort to maintain a good diet.

Lunch from Nature’s Kitchen can be pre-ordered and delivered to offices for £4. For information Visit or email for details.